Barrett Brothers As Ambassadors

With their Taranaki roots and dairy farming upbringing, we are delighted to have the Barrett brothers as ambassadors for the TCRT and grateful for their support in promoting the work of the Trust.

Vicki Meijer, Beach Energy Community Relations Manager said “We are very proud to partner with the Taranaki Community Rugby Trust supporting youth participation in sport. We welcome the Barrett brothers as ambassadors and look forward to working together to promote the innovative initiatives of the Trust. The TCRT are excellent custodians of our land and we are pleased that our unique partnership continues to support local community”.

We are extremely grateful to our loyal supporters, Taranaki businesses and donors that provide services to our farming business and in particular to the owners of our lease farms, Beach Energy, Bill Johnston and Osflo.

Andrew Thompson, Chair TRFU said ” The support from TCRT allows us to engage with our community in an unprecedented way. Through the funding provided by TCRT we are able to run the Club Rugby Development Officer (CRDO) project which will result in an additional 4,800 hours of coaching in schools and clubs during 2021. The programme is about more than just rugby – it seeks to inspire people to be physically active and contributes to the overall wellbeing of the region through the delivery of quality experiences.”

It is exciting what we are achieving together and we certainly are chuffed to have the Barrett’s stand with us as ambassadors to help reach more people in the community.

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