Get To Know Our Donors - Velocite

The team from Velocite, Paul Petrowski and Grant McQuoid, have been supporting the Taranaki Community Rugby Trust for an amazing 11 years, when they originally worked at PWC. Now they continue to donate their services to the Trust under their newly formed company Velocite. Paul currently acts as the Trust Manager and Nicola Hall provides Trust secretarial services.

They are proud to support the Trust, as they are rugby fans and the values that the Trust represents align well with Velocite’s own values. Many of the Velocite staff are involved in community rugby through local clubs and so are many of their clients.

Paul – “When travelling around the clubs with the kids on Saturday morning, you can see how much of an impact the Trust contributions are making to community rugby on a Taranaki-wide basis which is exciting”.

A few questions…

Why have you chosen to support Taranaki Community Rugby Trust?
Because we love rugby and the Trust benefit is spread to the whole of the Taranaki community.

How long have you been involved with the Trust?
11 years

How do you see the Trust making an impact in the rugby community?
The CRDO Programme is a great initiative. Getting dedicated staff out amongst the schools and clubs encourages greater participation helping kids lead a more active and healthy life.

What local rugby club do you support?