Get To Know Our Donors - Taranaki Vets

A few questions…

Why have you chosen to support Taranaki Community Rugby Trust?
TVC has a donation policy that focuses on two priorities: rural communities and children. The TCRT fits both these areas particularly with rural children still actively playing rugby in large numbers.

How long have you been involved with the Trust?
TVC has had a relationship with TCRT since its inception as the provider of veterinary services and products on their farms. We have had an intermittent history of sponsorship but are keen to formalise this for the future.

In what areas are you most excited about the Trust making an impact?
With the constant shift to urbanisation, TVC is keen to see TCRT ensure that the rural schools and smaller rugby clubs with children’s teams still receive the support they require to flourish and survive to encourage healthy, active kids.

What local rugby club do you support?
With TVC employing 80 staff in clinics in Stratford, Manaia, Hawera, Patea and Waverley, it is not possible to single out one rugby club.