Get To Know Our Donors - Osflo

A few questions…

Why have you chosen to support Taranaki Community Rugby Trust?
Osflo has strong local and community ties to our Taranaki base, and have been locally owned and operated for over 50 years. It is as important to us as it is to the Taranaki Community Rugby Trust to see our communities healthy and thriving. As a sustainable fertiliser company, we deeply value a healthy environment, whether this environment be at Osflo, on farm or in the wider community.

Osflo Fertiliser Ltd are proud to support and provide sustainable nutrients to the Taranaki Community Rugby Trust farms. The addition of a sustainable fertiliser means that the on-farm production can be maximised, which in turn means more support can be provided into the community to contribute to the wellbeing of our local Taranaki people. Osflo are also proud to supply the lease of a runoff block for dairy support for the TCRT farming operations.

How long have you been involved with the Trust?
Our relationship with the Trust is strong and ever-growing, and we have been heavily involved for many years in both supporting roles and in providing fertiliser to the Trust farms. The Trust is an integral part of grassroot sport in Taranaki, promoting rugby and partnering with other local businesses to advocate for wellness, safety, and strong communities. Osflo is over the moon to be able to support the Trust and the important work that they do out in the community getting our kids excited about sport.

Osflo’s co-owner Dave was introduced to rugby at an early age as a staple game in the Geraghty household. Dave and his wife, Kirsten, are staunch Inglewood supporters, with Kirsten constantly keeping Dave up to date with the latest excitement on the field. It does not end with Dave though, as his kids have recently been introduced to live rugby matches and are all too eager to join Mum, Dad, and Grandparents on the side-lines in the weekends.

How do you see the Trust making an impact in the rugby community?
The team at Osflo love seeing community donations going towards grassroot rugby through the Taranaki Community Rugby Trust, especially if it helps to get kids out on the field on those beautiful Saturday mornings in Taranaki.

What local rugby club do you support?
Although it is all teamwork at Osflo, the same can not be said for allegiances to Taranaki Rugby Clubs. One of our other resident rugby fans and a rival to Inglewood, Caleb, supports Stratford-Eltham, but his loyalty is slowly shifting to Clifton where his son, Ollie, plays in their Under 6 team.