Get To Know Our Donors - A-Z Web Solutions

Aaron from A-Z Web Solutions is a local freelance web developer based in Inglewood. Aaron built the new TCRT website back in February 2020, and is actively involved in keeping the website up to date.

A few questions…

Why have you chosen to support Taranaki Community Rugby Trust?
Love the idea of a community-based initiative that focuses on keeping Taranaki kids fit through playing rugby. If I can do my small part via the TCRT website, providing a tool to help TCRT showcase what they do, then i’m happy with that.

How long have you been involved with the Trust?
Since building the new TCRT website in February 2020, i’ve been involved ever since, working with Lynsay to keep the website content up to date.

How do you see the Trust making an impact in the rugby community?
Probably at Grassroots level, giving all kids the opportunity to play rugby and enjoy the benefits of being part of a team sport. You never know, it might help unearth the next Beaudy Barrett.

What local rugby club do you support?